Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Summer Session

Thinking of a master plan
There ain't but sweat
Inside my hand
--Eric B & Rakim

So, I mixed another house mix here. Just wait for the download counter thing at the bottom...It takes about 30 seconds to load it because its about 60mb or so.

Just a couple of notes about making it:

  • It didn't take a bunch of time. I've done a bunch of these (which isn't to say I'm an old pro) but I don't spend a long time figuring out how to loop beats, etc.
  • It's basically a compilation of house and whatnot that has been on my itunes list for a while, so I just took what I listen to anyways and mixed it all.
  • Yes, its not totally varied or completely relevant. There are two Groove Armada songs on there of indeterminable age, but I liked them both when I heard them so on they went.
  • Yes, it's not all completely up to date. Some of it is new remixes of old songs (Spin Spin Sugar, Around the World), and of course there is "Paid In Full" right smack in the middle. Blending the old and the new is key.

I initially started out working on an idea to fuse big guitar riffs (a la GNR at the beginning) with house, but it didn't work out that way. Anyways, if you like it great - if, let me know so I can get better. Hell, let me know either way: All 3 of you reading this.

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