Saturday, May 26, 2007

Strippers and Politicians Love What? Polls

Like a record baby
Right round, right round
--Dead Or Alive

Ahh, for your personal consumption:
The Ipsos Reid survey, conducted May 22-24 exclusively for CanWest News Service and Global National, found that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative party was holding onto a steady lead with 37 per cent support, versus 31 per cent for the Liberals and 16 per cent for the NDP.

The Cons have regained some ground, at least partly because Dion is showing to be as inept a Liberal leader as John Turner. If Harper wanted to go crazy nuts on these guys, he just needs to shore up his environmental credentials, out greening the competition and he'd have his run of the voter market: Dion has failed, Duceppe is as weak a federal leader now as ever because of his flip flop over the PQ debacle, and May and Layton are fighting over the same 20% block of voters..hell, the NDP is going to become the land of the labour unions, while the Greens pick up the green crowd....While Dion is trying to pick up votes from both of them.

Anyways, with 4 parties eating up the entire progressive spectrum of votes, and no one even approaching the centre or right, Harper has tonnes of room to move left with absolutely no one to flank him - Dion won't, and none of the other parties can.

Interesting times ahead.

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