Saturday, May 26, 2007

Out of the White

And when it runs out
We're chasing something we'll never catch
And when it runs out
We buy more
A flatness so bleak, I've been bitten by a vampire
A flatness bleaker than the one it replaced
--Bloc Party

via Sully, here is "Out of the White", a blog about a recovering addict. The writing is actually pretty good, for a kid that has been completely blitzed for about 3 years or so. Interesting. Key quote:
It’s five-thirty in the morning. Your nose is bleeding, your heart is about to explode, and you can’t feel your dick. You want more. Rewind. It’s three in the morning. Your body feels like a single pulsating wire -- a thin, pulsating wire. Check the clock every five minutes. You’re sure that the next line will be your last. Promise yourself that you’ll quit the scene before long. You want more. Rewind. It’s a little past midnight. Inhale an entire bag. With just one snort. Yeah, just like that. Roll up that dollar bill and stick one end in the tiny plastic bag and the other halfway up your nostril. Snort every last flake of that white shit. You inhale as long and as deeply as possible. Taste it in the back of your throat. It’s like bleach and piss and sour sugar. Then you break the bag. Rip it by the seams and lick it. Rub the square inch of plastic on your tongue and lips and gums and on your yellow teeth, too. You sort of gag for a second. Great. Hopped up. Nice. Now you’re really moving—you know, moving.

Holy jebus, that's nuts. It's the daily "On the Road" for a coke addict. I'm watching this one.

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