Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Search For Obama

Oh tell it to your king
Tell him everything you know
And you know how I feel out of place
Until I'm levered off my face
And I can't work out what your on about
Didn't they explain
You have to play the game
--The Libertines

Obama has his share of believers, and he hasn't quite won over Sully, but he's close. The Republicans, other than McCain and Ron Paul (who the GOP is trying to systematically destroy), are pro-torture and will pay in the next election for that stance. So where to turn for the mainstream voter? Hilary is as much an establishment figure as any of the Bush clan, and if you are gunning for change, Obama is about as much a figure of change as any. Key quote:
Look at the polls and forget ideology for a moment. What do Americans really want right now? Change. Who best offers them a chance to turn the page cleanly on an era most want to forget? It isn't Clinton, God help us. Edwards is so 2004. McCain is a throwback. Romney makes plastic look real. Rudy does offer something new for Republicans - the abortion-friendly, cross-dressing Jack Bauer. But no one captures the sheer, pent-up desire for a new start more effectively than Obama.

From the content and structure of Obama's pitch to the base, it's also clear to me that whatever illusions I had about his small-c conservatism, he's a big government liberal with - for a liberal - the most attractive persona and best-developed arguments since JFK.

The Republicans are going to be answering for all the sins of Bush when he leaves, and they will be left holding the bag. And, unfortunately, the contenders for the Republicans are doing their worst to hold the base (ie: McCain speaking at BYU, holy jebus).

Obama is the last man standing. He's just got to get around the Clinton machine and he'll probably be able to light it up. Sullivan makes a big deal about how he wuvs his small government, but really, how could you do any worse than Bush on this front? He's spending money like its sprouts from the ground (probably like in his youth, no doubt). And who on the right is going to hold back the pork? We're looking at a party that loves its pork, and going vegetarian is such a democrat thing to do.

Anyways. Win lose or draw, every potential super heavyweight is in this fight (minus Al Gore), so the winner of this round of American President will earn their brownie badge, and will certainly deserve the office.

To celebrate a little scrap (political, of course), here's NaS' classic:

Still a crazy song. I've probably already posted this, but it deserves another round.

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