Thursday, May 24, 2007

MuchMusic Smokes Crack, Nominates Nickelback

Toronto punks Billy Talent will go head-to-head with Alberta-raised rockers Nickelback over bragging rights to the most MuchMusic Video Award hardware on June 17.

Each band was accorded a lofty five nominations apiece on the 2007 MMVA nominees list, unveiled by the folks at Much headquarters yesterday.


Some mistake, certainly, but over at much HQ..Nickelback are nominated as Favourite Canadian Group.

Now, certainly it could be argued that these awards are for music videos, but a key component of a music video is the musical aspect of the music video. Much had a golden opportunity to take the snuff out of this Creed derivative of Pearl Jam derivatives. They're a derivative of a derivative..which spawned a plethora of ass monkey bands that have really (really this time) killed commercial rock radio.

Anyways, the anger will subside eventually, so until then I need some Sneaker Pimps to calm me down:

take me down
6 underground
the ground beneath your feet
laid out low
nothing to go
nowhere a way to meet.
i've got a head full of drought
down here, so far off
losing out, round here
--Sneaker Pimps

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