Sunday, May 27, 2007

Brown Shirts Are Making a Comeback

Undressed, and blessed by the lord
Tha power pendulum swings by tha umbillical cord
Shock around the clock
From noon til noon
Men grabbin they mics
And stuff em into tha womb

Terror tha product ya push
Fascist brown is the new black:

Gay activists beaten and arrested in Russia

Luke Harding in Moscow
Monday May 28, 2007

Riot police used violence to break up a gay rights demonstration in Moscow yesterday and arrested several European parliamentarians in what critics say is the latest violation of human rights in Russia.

A group of gay rights activists came under attack from neo-Nazi thugs when they tried to present a petition asking Moscow's mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, to lift a ban on a Gay Pride parade. He has previously dubbed gay rallies "satanic". Witnesses said riot police watched as far-right skinheads chanting "death to homosexuals" beat up several activists.

The police failed to arrest the skinheads but detained several of the Europeans - including the German MP Volker Beck, a member of the Green party, and the radical Italian MEP Marco Capatto. Riot police threw Mr Capatto into a police van. "Why don't you protect us?" he shouted.

Oh boy. Russia is going further down the spiral, no? It's like the Lindsay Lohan of countries: So much promise and potential, but just so fucked up.

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