Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O'Reilly

From the front to the back
Left to the right
Hold tight!
Red One about to rock the mic

That quote had zip to do with this, but hit the link anyways.

It's kinda funny, really, and just a little reminder to the Canadian right that we are nowhere near as right wing as the US republicans. Seriously, Canuck tories barely qualify as being in the right wing of the Democrat party. Hell, we'd be hard pressed to be in the left wing of the Democrats, nevermind being on the same scale of the Republicans....anyways, this site made a little list of who O'Reilly deems "far right" and "far left".

Who qualifies as far right? Hitler. Oh, and Dan Quayle. On the left? The entire German Media. Wow. 60 years really is a long time. Holy Jebus, even Meg Ryan is part of the sorta left wing (seriously, Meg Ryan is a renegade commie?)- Hitlertastic right wing axis of american evil? Check your sources, dick. This is the no spin zone: It's the perfect shitstorm of truth your in the eye of it, beyatch.

Sweet Jesus, Bill O'Reilly sucks.

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