Saturday, June 24, 2006

I Work Hard As A.....

Well You Say I'm Twenty Something And Should Be Slacking
But I'm Working Harder Than Ever And You Could
Call It Macking
So I'm Supposed To Sit Upon My Couch Watching My T.V.
I'm Still Iistening To Wax, I'm Not Using The CD
I'm That Kid In The Corner
All Fucked Up And I Wanna So I'm Gonna
Take A Piece Of The Pie, Why Not, I'm Not Quitting
Think I'm Gonna Change Up My Style Just To Fit In?
--Beastie Boys

I'm not sure how to communicate how freakin' hard I'm working between school and work, but someday I'll look back at '06 and say "How did I do it?". Yeah, it's been that rough. I just need to refer my heroes, confident in the fact that their efforts were rewarded.

Every day is a job.
Every muthafuckin' day is a job *****
Gotta handle your business, *****s you get don't
You muthafuckin' cap on get peel back
And it ain't no bullshit
If you wanna test a *****, bring it on *****, you know I'm sayin'?
Fuck your muthafuckin' set up in the air
--Cypress Hill

True, true.

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