Thursday, March 02, 2006

Boycott Mexico

Living in the city of the scandalous
Shisty mother******s,
Can't even trust my own brothers
So who can I choose to trust?
--Cypress Hill

I was never a big fan of travelling to Mexico, but this latest episode is making it clear that Mexico is a no-go zone.
Almost from the outset, authorities with the Mexican state of Quintana Roo declared publicly that they had two key suspects: a pair of Canadian women whom they described as having already fled the country for Canada. A third suspect was later added.

The apparent haste of authorities, combined with a number of their confusing and contradictory statements over the last week, has touched off a storm of accusations in Canada that the probe has been either badly botched or manipulated to deflect fears about the safety of tourists in Mexico.

"Nobody talked to us, nobody said anything to us. We left as scheduled," said Everall.

Why even bother when far more interesting and safe areas in Asia are available at even lower prices?

Hang out in Cancun at inflated prices with a tonne of violent criminals? Or an untouched beach in Thailand?

Back to the Senor Prosecuto and friends in Mexico:
Mexican human rights activists have been demanding the resignation since last June of the top prosecutor investigating the murder of two Canadians, accusing him of sanctioning torture and the fabrication of evidence in cases within his jurisdiction.

So far, however, Bello Melchor Rodriguez, attorney-general of Quintana Roo, has brushed off complaints against him, calling them "pure lies." He failed to act on an official directive from his own government's human rights commission to investigate "improper" actions by his officers.

He also dismissed a report in Mexico's Reforma newspaper that said looted goods from last October's Hurricane Wilma, which devastated the Yucatan Peninsula, ended up in his office and those of his staffers. He is allegedly making use of a new refrigerator, while a stove went to public relations officials and a sound system found its way to the public ministry, which houses local police.

Lil' putos.

Add to that the consistent and bitchy response of the Mexican authorities harping on the refrain (on TV, mind you) "It's you Canadians who are killing each other" without proof or concrete suspects and you have a third rate holiday destination.

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