Saturday, March 04, 2006

Duck Down

Reach for my waist you hit the ground
You better duck when that awful sound goes
Thats what's happenin in the parking lot
Thats whats happenin on stage
Pretend you're the new Conservative PM, wondering where to start cleaning up the cesspool left by the outgoing party....You stretch your arms out, cracking your knuckles and then....
OTTAWA (CP) - There's a possibility Stephen Harper's first act as prime minister may have breached the parliamentary ethical code for MPs, the federal ethics commissioner indicated Friday.

But Bernard Shapiro's decision to launch a "preliminary inquiry" into Harper's controversial appointment of former Liberal David Emerson to the Conservative cabinet met with a furious rebuttal from the Prime Minister's Office.

(via angry) becomes obvious. Someone who should have been keeping a low profile decides at a politically inopportune time to come out from under the desk...
"The prime minister is loath to co-operate with an individual whose decision-making ability has been questioned and who has been found in contempt of the House," Harper's communications director, Sandra Buckler, said late Friday.

And as Angry points out...

In this case, the Ethics Commissioner is investigating the fact that David Emerson crossed the floor, which is a long-standing parliamentary tradition, but refused to investigate the case of Liberal MP Tony Valeri's extremely profitable land-swap deal, citing the fact that Parliament was not sitting at the time.

Of course, Parliament is not sitting now, but apparently that rule is flexible.

Imagine...a Liberal appointee posing as an independent, arm's length non-partisan servant of the people....

....intense....deja vous......

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