Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Opposition to MSM

Do trees grow from a forest
[Reporters?) y'all are clitoris
Y'all ****** roll with any click that's winnin any crew
Doin whatever's trendy, even envy me too
--Nas, edit

SDA points out what's happening with the established media, right here:
When Brian Mulroney won his landslide majority in 1984, a talking head (whose identity I've forgotten) announced to the nation that in the face of such a one sided parliament, the media would assume the role of opposition .

That was a signal that something was about to go desperately wrong, and it did. The Canadian people had already spoken as to what voices they wanted in parliament. The Ottawa press gallery weren't on the ballot, yet they declared themselves elected, and they've by and large behaved like pompous, entitled Liberal senators with a broadcast license ever since.

It's time they were forced to relinquished those seats.

It's cool, really...Because to the MSM, bloggers are the loyal opposition. We'll keep 'em in line, won't we?

It all reminds me of what happened yesterday on Newsnet when MP Diane Ablonzcy was asked by a talking head if Parliamentarians were the right group to ask questions of a new Supreme Court justice....Perhaps, the anchor suggested, reporters should be asking the questions?


And perhaps monkeys should broadcast the nightly news.
On a completely different note, Crystal Method cranks out a new track right here. Scroll down a bit..it's on the left.

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