Sunday, January 08, 2006

Consistently Inconsistent

The grits came out with a new message today:
Grits say Tory promises would result in $12.4-billion deficit over five years

OTTAWA (CP) - The federal Liberals say Conservative election promises made so far would result in a deficit of at least $12.4 billion over five years.

Finance Minister Ralph Goodale says many questions surround the Conservative plan and that it is not feasible.

Which doesn't jive with their previous, uh, announcements:
Winnipeg — Paul Martin moved Tuesday to paint Conservative opponent Stephen Harper as a risky deviation from Canada's political mainstream who does not believe in social programs and would be a weak defender of national unity, as polls show Canadians increasingly at ease with the prospect of changing governments.

Yeah, the federal government will be in big trouble of being weak and diminished under the Cons even as the Cons spend money hand over foot.

That being said, the Conservatives should nix the idea of ditching the tax relief at the lower incomes. It's one thing to take on the GST, which is by all accounts a politically unpopular yet effective tax, but it's another thing to repeal an already promised tax cut. Income taxes are the bane of the Canadian existence and Harper should be doing all he can to rid us of these taxes.

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