Friday, January 06, 2006

5 Weird Things About Me/Other People

I bring the shit that's beyond bizarre
Like miss piggy
"Who? moi?"
--Beastie Boys
Huck has tagged me once more for some internet fun, so I'm obliged and honoured to grace the internet with my strangeness... That's right.....It's.....

5 things that are weird about Shamrocks!

1.When I go out to karaoke, "Whip It" by Devo is going to be belted out by myself without delay. I'm serious. Crack that whip. Give the past the slip. Step on a crack. Break yo' mama's back. If I'm driving in my car by myself, I friggin' rip on "No Shelter Here" by RATM.

2. When I was 3, I wouldn't leave the house without my superman outfit. (Matt, if you're reading this, I've "embraced the cape"). Jumping off the furniture to show off my flying skills was hot **** back in the day.

3. When I was in Paris, I missed seeing the Eiffel Tower because I had a crazy bleeding nose that caused me to to lose consciousness and smash my head into a Peugot (sp?). On our way to the tower my nose started uncontrollably bleeding, and I got rushed to the hospital where I had an upfront view of the carnage from the French heatwave of '03. The previous day, I had a similar problem at Versailles (I think my blood thins with heat)...It's embarrassing when paramedics rush towards you in front of a huge crowd and all you can think is "Geez, I hope those guys aren't for me".

4. I have commie tendencies. Yeah, I'm a Conservative, but back in the day I was a raging anarcho-marxist. I'm not down with the demented economics and centralization of power, but still...freedom must be fundamental/In Johannesburg/Or south central.

5. I'm a fool for a woman in a business suit.

So I have to pass that dutch, right?
1. "The Don" @ AtC
2. S. Burns
3. Jay @ The Freeway (I'm going a hundred on the highway/So if you go the speed limit get the $%^* outta my way.)
4. Myrick @ AP
5. Laurent @ Polyscopique

UPDATE: I notice Tarantino just tagged me. I don't think I can match this for funny factor-
3. It drives me mental when people end off an email or a conversation with “Cheers”. “Cheers”? Are we drinking? No? Are we in a friggin’ bar? No? Then suck it.

UPPERDATE: Top Five Weird Things About Other People

1. BumfOnline: "Sometimes, when I feel the need to get my voyeur fix, I turn off the lights, open a nice bottle of Shiraz, throw on some Miles Davis, and watch the video feed of my apartment building's front entrance. I am fascinated at the sorts of people who live in my building and at the reactions of visitors who cannot, for the life of them, figure out how to use the buzz-code keypad. Creepy, no?"

2. Damian Penny: "I bought a big package of Olivieri cheese tortellini at Costco a few weeks ago, and lately I've found myself snacking on it. Uncooked."

3. Political Staples: "Kevin Costner is my favourite actor (1b - I actually like Keanu Reeves)" [Ed-WTF?!]

4. Whackingday:
"While showering, I hold my left fist in the small of my back. I have absolutely no idea why I do this. And no, I've never done prison time."

5. Damian Brooks: "When I'm angry, my ears go back like a dog or cat. That is to say, they physically change position in relation to the rest of my face. With the lack of cranial hair, I'm told it's fairly noticeable."

I'm pretty sure Greg @ Political Staples takes the cake.

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myrick said...

Glad you tagged to Ap or I would have missed it. I'll update the site as soon as I narrow down my weirdness to five things.