Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Moron Bros

One for the Liberals:
They'll ink your face,
Tape your eyelids closed
Tabasco's in your mouth,
There's mustard up your nose
When your head is shaved you'll think the worst has passed
Just try to move your leg
they've put you in a cast

Scott "Double Chin" Reid further validates the idea of psychological projection with his double scoop of idiocy today:
In a television interview Sunday, Scott Reid, Prime Minister Paul Martin's director of communications, criticized the Conservative Party's plan to give parents $1,200 per year for each child under six.

Reid said in part: "Don't give people $25 a day to blow on beer and popcorn."

Um, I think parents might have different priorities, Scott. Might wanna wipe the cheetos from the mouth there, too. CTV catch you at lunchtime?

Meanwhile at "Don't trust people with their own money" HQ, the brain trust got busy defending Scotty:
Later, on CTV's Question Period, Liberal spokesman John Duffy said he stood behind Reid's statement, saying, with the Conservative plan, "there is nothing to stop people from spending it on beer or popcorn or a coat or a car, anything."

Imagine that: anything, people. Anything.

I can see why the Liberals wouldn't trust anybody with money to burn....Calgary Grit got it first, so I'll leave it to him:
Scott Reid has jumped into the gaffe pool by claiming that parents will blow their Tory child care cheques on "beer and popcorn". Reid does have a point on this one. Who knows what a parent might spend their cash on? Perhaps they'll spend it all on Medisys or Cargojet income trusts.

I was going to say Quebec ad agencies, but fair enough.
It's no secret that a liar
Won't believe in anyone else


Ogilvie said...

The gall of the people. They fritter away milions of our tax dollars throught incompetence and internal corruption,and now say we can't be trusted with our own money. And this wasn't just some loose cannon backbencher, but the Prime Minister's director of communications! Now we have an inside view into how Martin really thinks.

Shamrocks! said...


You're right.

Not only was this a candid moment, the PM's office tried to initially defend his comments (!) and then *gasp* actually repeated the offending phrase. What jokers.

But, do you really think this was new information? The govt takes over 43% of our's not a govt that trusts us with our cash.