Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fix Up, Look Sharp

Wake up,
Make up your mind
Seek the knowledge that you will find
Be your own person

Harper gets a clue:
OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's main opposition leader on Tuesday tried to quell the idea that he was firmly pro-American and that he backed the U.S. invasion of Iraq -- suggestions which could damage his hopes of winning the January 23 election.

Good. He's gotta be seen as independent from the US. Conservatives still have the ghost of Diefenbaker hanging about (Avro Arrow, etc, etc).
Although Martin came to power promising better ties with Washington, he has not hesitated to criticize Bush for the American position on a bilateral softwood lumber dispute and often asks voters if they want "U.S.-style health care."

And it's about damn time he mentioned Softwood. I haven't heard much out of Harper on the subject, except to say it's the Liberal government's "relationship" with the US that is cause of the problem.

Well, he's the only one in Canada saying it's something other than the US trying to hold the support of the narrow interests of the US lumber lobby. Canadians can smell the BS from the "US relations" stuff a mile away... They also realize the problem started under Clinton (when US-Canada relations were better), and that Bush is a newcomer to this party.

Anyways, it's good he's differentiating himself from the US. The next step is to really hammer Bush on Softwood, and promise to close the DEA offices in our major centres. Hmmm, maybe think about a promise to free Marc Emory, too.


Anonymous said...

For a piece of classic American redneck vitriol on US-Canada relations at its worst, check out blog: http://eitherorr.blogspot.com/2005/12/paul-martin-jr-bad-for-us-canada.html!

The blog author (“bob” of honey brook : Pennsylvania/email: boborr4@earthlink.net) has a right to express his warped views of course. But under the guise of an open and free public discussion forum, this obnoxious blogger constantly spews out blatantly false, misleading, and scurrilous information, definitely crossing the line of decency befitting the appropriate use of the internet. Further, the author deliberately and arbitrarily filters out, removes and blocks commentary that challenges the validity of his vicious prejudicial rantings. “bob” is particularly onerous in his own commentary when taking pot-shots at noted Canadian personages such as Paul Martin and Maurice Strong, which plainly constitute defamation of character and border on personal libel. (note: commentary incidently that I notice he has just removed).

If you find the blog nauseatingly objectionable as I have, I encourage you (as I have done) to register a complaint to the internet service organizations being used by this blogger to broadcast his ugly contagion:

> Haloscan: http://www.haloscan.com/contact/
> Blogger: http://help.blogger.com/?page=wishlist&skiplogin=yes

More importantly, alerting PM office in Ottawa may hopefully precipitate some action to deal with this vicious and indictable propaganda:

website: http://pm.gc.ca/eng/default.asp
email: pm@pm.gc.ca

Also alerting the Canadian media wouldn’t hurt either:

> lettertoed@thestar.ca
> Letters@GlobeAndMail.ca

Shamrocks! said...

No thanks.

I'm not going to help censor any bloggers who are stating an opinion, whether I agree with them or not.

If you have a beef with this guy, you should try leaving a comment on his site.