Sunday, December 11, 2005

Not Classy, Australia

White riot - I wanna riot
White riot - a riot of my own
--The Clash

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi! Oi! Oi!
Sydney - Racial violence erupted in Sydney beachside suburbs on Sunday after thousands of white youths, many chanting racial slurs, clashed with police and attacked people of Middle Eastern origin.

At least 12 people were arrested for assault and other offences and several were injured in the alcohol-fuelled fights at Cronulla beach.

Holy Jebus.
Many carried beer bottles, waved Australian flags and chanted anti-Middle Eastern slogans in response to reports that youths of Lebanese ancestry were responsible for an attack last weekend on two of the beach's life guards.

One white teenager had the words "We grew here, you flew here" painted on his back.

On the beach, someone had written "100 percent Aussie pride" in the sand.
Not cool.


IndCoup said...
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pearls beside swines said...

You have a point indcoup, but that doesn't justify the indiscriminated aggression towards anyone who looks midle-eastern. I'm sorry but attacking midle-easterns doesn't help legitimating these young australians struggle against these prejudice views you cited. Much to the contrary, that's just stupidity. By doing that they are showing lack of knowledge about immigration issues.
Who do these teenagers think they are? They cannot impose their racist idiotic views. They think they are more australian than those who they are attacking but we know very well who the original aussies were. That demonstration is an offense to the original people of Australia. White people are foreigners as well if we look at things the way these youngsters want. Me for one am tired of this worldwide wave of redneckism.

Shamrocks! said...


That's too bad that there are some intolerant attitudes shown towards women (and those attitudes are by no means condoned on this page), but was there physical violence against anyone by the muslims on the beach?

Not exactly a proportional response.

It's a pretty flimsy excuse to go on a raging race riot through Sydney. Let's hope that cooler heads will prevail.

Australia's got a pretty good rep around the world, and it would be sad to see skinheads be the new image of a great country.