Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Cons Throw Down: What Come Around....

Step up
Or you can step back
Though the doors
You can bring it on
If ya wanna come get yours
But ya betta look ova ya shoulda
Cuz a loss of blood gets the body much colder

What go around come around, kid (go around)
--Cypress Hill

The Libs were *shocked*, shocked(!) that Harper would use verbal ju-jitsu to attack the crime links of our mobbed up government:

"Yesterday in the House of Commons, Mr. Harper made a statement concerning organized crime, which is false," Mr. Martin said in Kelowna, B.C., where he was chairing the first ministers meeting on aboriginal affairs. "He should apologize and he should withdraw that statement."

Lame. How does Harper counter?
Mr. Harper said he has no intention of apologizing.

"The Liberals need to apologize to Canadians for the sponsorship corruption, and the Liberal Party needs to come clean about the tens of millions of sponsorship dollars which are still missing," he said in a statement.

Nice. Square on the jaw. Western villification is coming, so its best to start popping them first. Hard. Call it a pre-emptive strike.

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