Thursday, May 05, 2005

Star Wars Bashing

I grew up watching Star Wars: Every time I visited my aunt's place when I was little, I would watch the trilogy....Needless to say, the new episodes have been somewhat dissappointing.

So..... I can enjoy a little bashing of the series, and who better to do so than the Guardian? Here's the Guardian's "40 reasons why the franchise hails from the dark side"
The thing Yoda does
The font of all wisdom, the teachers' teacher, is Yoda, a big eared, green skinned, 900-year-old elf. A problem with the English language has he. Plonking platitudes he generally utters. Spot this in case we, an amusing quirk he has been given. Sentences he chops in half! Then back together puts! The way round wrong! "The Force I sense in you," says he. "Teach you more, I can." Later, himself he excels: "Hard to see the Dark Side is." It was impossible to imagine a more irritating character - but Lucas managed it (see 27).

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