Thursday, May 05, 2005

Libranos Pay Da Monies
Kingpin kickin back while his workers sling his rocks.
Coming up like a fat rat.
Big money, big cars, big body guards on his back.
So it's difficult to get him.

So the rocks of the criminal outfit (Da Libranos) were in the form of cash, stuffed in envelopes:
OTTAWA -- Senior Liberal organizers allegedly showered about $300,000 in cash on Quebec ridings held by the opposition during the 1997 federal election campaign, The Globe and Mail has learned.
The testimony would be the first by a Liberal official describing illicit cash transactions in contravention of Canada's electoral laws.

From a law enforcement standpoint, the cash is just a huge red flag. Only gangsters/Libranos or tax evaders would be involved in such untraceable payments. The next step might be to track down the accounts the money was drawn from.

I guess what I'm getting at is this: Were the PR/Ad firms paying off the Librano organizers? Obviously Corriveau handed out the cash, but was it his? If not, then whose money is it?

From the article, it sounds like a conglomerate of Adscam firms.

Rats. All of them.

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