Thursday, May 05, 2005

Blair Wins One More Time
You know we´re gonna do it right
Tonight Just feeling
Music´s got me feeling the need
Need Yeah
Come on all right
We´re gonna celebrate
One more time
--Daft Punk

There is not much to say about the Blair win, other than the Tories are so weak, it's ridiculous. Issue after issue, they are out of step with a winning conservative strategy (CPC members take note). How are they even right wing in their opposition to the war?

It was smart to make their own party manifesto short and sweet, so its main messages could hit home. Voters are not going to carry all the nuances of Tory policy into the booth, so a trimmed marketing message that differentiates itself from Labour is wise (if only the message was different). The problem is that the Tories only managed to make big promises on little things (ie:more university fees, etc), and asked to lead only because they disagreed with the methods of Labour's leadership, and not its general policies.

They concentrated on Blair's failings, but did not convey that they would do much differently (the war aside) if they were in power. The concentration on negative campaigning in Britain has a pretty ambiguous success record, and the Tories were unwise to repeatedly attack Blair as a liar when it seemed that he was, at best, ill-informed...or at worst, simply neglectful in shoring up his case for war.

Here's the thing: Labour lead Britain into an unpopular war, but the economy is doing well and the Tories were lead by an unpopular former prosecutor and Thatcherite who sounded like an attack dog with rabies, mindlessly barking 'B.Liar, B.Liar, pants on fire!'

British voters were wise to shrug off the advances of the anti-war pandering Tories, who would never capture the left-wing, anti-war voters in the first place.

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