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Gomery: Holy Jebus
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It's verifiable now: The Liberals are greedy pigs..via G & M:

Mr. Brault gave the most candid answer yet to that question.

He said Benoît Corbeil, the executive director of the party's Quebec wing, once asked for a $400,000 donation and promised that he would get him a $3-million sponsorship contract. The commission Mr. Brault would earn on that contract was to compensate for the donation.
When he came back, he testified about Mr. Gagliano's top organizer, Joseph Morselli, who wanted a large payment in return for the postponement of a bidding competition.

Mr. Brault said he offered $100,000, but Mr. Morselli said it would have to be in cash, otherwise he had to pay twice as much.
Mr. Brault said he replied, "Listen, it's not easy what we're doing here." He reiterated that, at Mr. Renaud's advice, he was buying all kinds of fundraising events. "Is there some way to get business?"

Mr. Carle then told them to go see bureaucrats in charge of advertising. "They'll explain to you what you need to do."
Mr. Brault said at least five Liberals were put on his payroll at the request of party organizers, though he would only describe one, Maria Lyne Chrétien, the prime minister's niece, as a person he would have needed to hire.

The inquiry then heard that in November, 1998, Mr. Brault paid Gaby Chrétien, the brother of the prime minister, $4,000 to help a Liberal MP south of Montreal. This was disguised by having Gaby Chrétien send a bill marked "professional honoraria."
One major secret donation involved Mr. Renaud.

In February, 1998, Mr. Renaud billed Groupaction $63,500 for various professional services but no work had been done in fact, Mr. Brault said.

Mr. Renaud then gave $63,858 to the Liberal Party of Canada that year, making him the seventh biggest donor, ahead of some chartered banks.
In August, 2001, at another lunch at Ristorante Frank, Mr. Brault said Mr. Morselli asked him to help Buryl Wiseman, a party worker who had run into trouble with Quebec wing president Françoise Patry.

"Keep him on your pay for a year, at $10,000 a month, we need him," Mr. Brault said Mr. Morselli told him.

Here's CTV's addition.

The National Post runs the numbers:

$100,000: The amount Jean Brault says he agreed to pay senior Liberal official Joe Morselli to make the competition for a lucrative government advertising contract “go away.”

$7,000: Monthly wage of Liberal operative Serge Gosselin, whom Brault says he was pressured by senior party officials to put on the Groupaction payroll. Gosselin spent all his time doing work for the Liberal party. Brault said.

$1.1 million: The amount Brault says he paid Liberal fundraiser Alain Renaud to lobby top government officials for federal contracts in the mid-1990s.

$430,000: The amount Brault says he paid top-ranking Quebec Liberal and Jean Chretien adviser Jacques Corriveau for work which was billed but never performed by Corriveau’s company Pluri-Design.

$330,000: The amount of sponsorship funding Brault’s firm received to promote federalism at the the Salon de grand air du Quebec, and event which never took place.

$5,000: The amount of sponsorship money for the open-air fair Brault re-directed to other outdoor events.

$225,000: The amount of money unaccounted for in that contract.

$100,000: The amount in illicit political payoffs Brault testifies he gave the Parti Quebecois over two years in 1997 and 1998. He says he donated the money by twice having people on his Groupaction firm staff make donations totaling $50,000 and then reimburse them through bonuses or the company expense account.

And yeah, this is one of the worst scandals in Canadian History:

OTTAWA (CP) - Liberal opponents proclaimed the sponsorship scam the worst-ever scandal in Canadian history and immediately hinted it could topple the government this spring.

NDP Leader Jack Layton indicated there was a strong chance of the Liberal government being forced into an election within weeks.

"Fifty-fifty," was what he told The Canadian Press when asked about the prospects for a spring vote.

High-ranking strategists from the Conservative and Liberal parties agreed with Layton's assessment.

The House of Commons erupted in sponsorship accusations moments after a publication ban was lifted on tell-all testimony from ad executive Jean Brault.

"The stench and the rot of corruption is starting to leak out," Conservative deputy leader Peter MacKay told Parliament.

"The Liberal government is involved in a criminal conspiracy of the like never seen in this country before."

Thieves and liars.

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