Friday, April 08, 2005

Chretien: Where is the Pompous Ass when we need him on camera?
Where's the "little guy" act that we have come to despise? Mr. Chretien? Ducking a camera crew?

How embarrassing.

After years of arrogant mugging for the cameras. After giving the finger to Canadians for years. After years of shrugging off scandal after scandal our former disgrace, er PM, finally shows he has an ounce of shame:

CTV Ottawa bureau chief Robert Fife had spotted Mr. Chr├ętien in the darkest corner of the restaurant as he was dining with his former justice minister, Martin Cauchon. Everyone knows Mr. Cauchon wants to become prime minister when Paul Martin doesn't want the job or the public doesn't want him in it any more.

Mr. Fife called for a camera crew. But this was not the day for interviews. Mr. Chr├ętien gave them the slip.

Now if he only knew that Canadians feel the same sense of shame about his leadership.

A walking, talking, living joke. Hang your head you arrogant and corrupt asshole.

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