Saturday, December 18, 2004

With my mind on [Japan]
And [Japan} on my mind
--Snoop (edit)

I just found out that I did well enough on a couple of extremely tough courses that I can rest easy for the next little while. I will never be taking two upper level, in depth, quantitative-heavy, "6 hours spent for every weekly assignment"-type courses while I work full time. Exhausting.

Anyways, I'm cruising to Osaka, Japan on Tuesday where I'll be studying, teaching English, travelling, visiting, thinking and writing. I'll be back in the CA some time next year. To prepare for the trip, I'm pruning the music collection until I come back...I'm taking Bjork, some house/twisted disco, the Clash, some U2, Bob Marley, Zeppelin, Radiohead, Joy Division, New Order, Rage, The streets, tupac, Kanye, Wu Tang, the Verve, G'n'R, the Breeders, the Pixies and some Cypress Hill. I'll probably just get an ipod over there, so this will be a moot point, but this process is showing my preferences for sure.....I'm sure Snoop will be in there somewhere. Duran Duran's Rio is staying right here at home. Did you ever notice that the vinyl version has a more lewd rendition of 'Hungry like the wolf'? It has some badass Donna Summer, a la 25 minute version of 'love to love ya'-type moaning on that track.

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