Sunday, December 19, 2004

Klein: Shut yo Mouth
Why do I get the feeling that Alberta is becoming the new Quebec: Always infringing on federal jurisdiction and politics. Isn't this the stuff Alberta hates about the federal government?

Klein has had his fingers in Kyoto, Missile Defense, the 'secret federal announcement' about health care during the federal election, and now gay marriage. Klein is basically in league with the federal libs and needs to stop ****ing with the CPC.
"I don't know where Stephen Harper is," Klein told reporters when asked what the federal Conservative leader is doing to protect traditional marriage.

"I can't direct Mr. Harper to do anything, but it would be much more comforting to me and my caucus if he would say that they were going to propose amendments to . . . (support using) the notwithstanding clause."

The clause allows governments to pass or preserve laws that violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for a period of five years. Politicians are loath to use it because of overwhelming public support for the charter.

What is he thinking? Does this have the support of Alberta cons? He's trying to back Harper into a corner with the help of the Liberals. That's garbage. Doesn't Alberta hate it when Quebec sets the federal agenda?

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