Monday, November 22, 2004

Iraq: Election, Reconstruction, Senate Reform!
If Iraq gets a Triple E senate before we do, I'll snap! There are more troops on the way, and Chrenkoff has a big roundup on the good news from the badlands. via instapundit
*SuperFun Facts:

So far the Iraqi Electoral Commission has certified the applications of 24 parties and political movements to take part in the elections. "Fareed Ayar, the official spokesperson of the Commission, [said] that the commission has the task of studying more applications, which reached
54, 43 of which were applied to national electoral office, six to the governorates' electoral center, and five applications for individuals...

The report notes that "almost 14 million of Iraq's 25 million people have been enrolled as voters. . . . Hindawi estimates up to 15 million may be eligible to vote."

Where are the people who said Afghanistan and Iraq were all about oil? And "elections in those countries will never happen". It is happening. And not just 'happening'..they are happening with a vengeance. These elections are about kicking ass and chewing gum...and Iraq is all outta gum (Plenty of gun. Outta gum, though): Yeah, Samarra and Falluja that means you. Mosul, I see you hiding.. Sidenote: I've bet my dad a case of whiskey that Iraq is going to have a democracy......So, I put my money where my mouth/liver is. That's a Case of Whiskey. Not Beer.

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