Monday, November 22, 2004

Poll Results: Tie
Here are the results:
Days until Chomsky blames someone other than the US:

1 Day: He Is Shaken To His Senses 0% 0
30 Days: His Bill From Amsterdam Comes In 0% 0
45 Days: Afghanistan Finally Tells Him Off 4% 1
90 Days: Bernard Henry-Levy Disses Him In A Rive Gauche Gangsta Rap MixTape "Le Gangsta Politique Dans La Maison" 48% 12
Never: His Tunnel Vision is a Kaleidoscope. Events Change, The View Stays The Same 48% 12
I personally thought that it would be 90 days....Hmmmmmmm. Anyways, check out the new poll....I'm thinking Ms. Love might pull this one off. Maybe not.

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