Thursday, August 05, 2004

Sadr Must Die

Now I know what is right
I’ll kill them all if I like
I’m a time bomb inside
No one listens to reason,
It’s too late and I’m ready to fight!
So what? now I’m ready to fight!
--Ministry, So What?

Radical cleric calls for uprising in Iraq
Alex Berenson/NYT The New York Times
Friday, August 6, 2004

2-month truce seems to be crumbling

BAGHDAD The radical Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr called Thursday for a national uprising against American and coalition forces as a two-month truce between Sadr and the United States military appeared to collapse.

As night fell, heavy fighting appeared to be confined mainly around Najaf, a Shiite holy city 160 kilometers, or 100 miles, south of Baghdad that is a stronghold for Sadr.

In Baghdad, the capital, and Basra, the largest city in southern Iraq, insurgents loyal to Sadr prepared for clashes with American and British troops. But fighting was sporadic and Baghdad was mostly quiet until 11:15 p.m., when three large explosions, probably from mortars, rocked the city's center.

One American soldier and several insurgents were killed in Najaf, according to an American military statement. At least a dozen more soldiers and dozens of insurgents were wounded in both Baghdad and Najaf, though exact casualty counts were unavailable late Thursday evening.

To paraphrase Happy Gilmour:"Son of a bitch, Sadr! Why can't you go home? Are you good enough for your home? Answer me. Suck my white ass, Sadr."

His bags are packed, he's at the airport, he's ready to go. Just send him home, America, send him home. He's ready, just send him home.

In the good news department, Denmark held fast:

Danish troops will stay

Denmark remains committed to keeping its troops in Iraq despite a swelling investigation into alleged prisoner abuse that prompted the recall of its commanders from Camp Eden near Basra, Reuters reported from Oksbol, Denmark.

Defense Minister Soren Gade promised Thursday to prosecute those guilty of abuse but said that Denmark, which has about 500 troops in Iraq and has been a steadfast supporter of the U.S.-$ led war, would stay the course.

Its all in the hips, its all in the hips.

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