Sunday, August 01, 2004

Election, Ballot Box and Success.

Iraq is a little bit of a gong show, but check this out...If Afghanistan can turn it around, anybody can. If this works, there is hope for just about any country:

90 Percent of Afghans Registered to Vote

By STEPHEN GRAHAM, Associated Press Writer

KABUL, Afghanistan - Nine out of 10 eligible Afghans have signed up for landmark October elections, the United Nations (news - web sites) said Sunday, a resounding endorsement of a democratic experiment supposed to help Afghanistan (news - web sites) turn its back on years of debilitating war.
Women and ethnic minorities are strongly represented among those registered for the first-ever direct vote for president. But parts of the south risk being left behind because of stepped-up attacks on election workers and Afghan and U.S. security forces.

First tallies since the eight-month registration drive began winding down on Saturday show that 8.7 million of an estimated 9.8 million eligible voters have collected ID cards for the Oct. 9 election. Forty-one percent of those registered were women.

"The participation is amazing," U.N. spokesman David Singh said. "There was a lot of skepticism about this process at the beginning, but the targets have been fulfilled."

"We are overwhelmed with joy at the sheer enthusiasm of the people," presidential spokesman Jawed Ludin said. "It's essentially the first important step toward a successful and legitimate election process."

While the jihadies turned away, the coalition took advantage. Now, if they started one more war to divert attention away from Iraq....just kidding.

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