Saturday, July 31, 2004

Who Says our Government isn't responsible?

From: Liza Frulla
Minister of Canadian Heritage

July 30, 2004 -- "On July 20, I received a written request from Genex Communications Inc., asking me, as Minister of Canadian Heritage, to reconsider the July 13 decision (2004-271) by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) not to renew licensing for CHOI-FM. In these cases, the procedure is very clear. All written requests for the Governor in Council to intervene must be forwarded to the Privy Council Office by the Minister of Canadian Heritage. Therefore, I immediately sent a copy of the letter to the Privy Council Office so it could be decided if this request can be appealed to the Government.

Today, the Privy Council Office sent a letter to Genex Communications Inc. confirming that, according to Section 28 of the Broadcasting Act, the decision of the CRTC cannot be appealed to the Government. Therefore, Genex Communications Inc. has two options: to appeal the CRTC decision to the Federal Court or to apply for a new broadcasting license should the company decide to meet the criteria established by the CRTC."

Pass the buck, please. No responsibility. No action. Our hands are tied, nothing to do here but allow an agency of the government to run rampant over our freedoms. This is how it ends, with a whimper.

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