Tuesday, July 13, 2004

say some punk tried to get you for your auto
would call the one time and play the rolemmodel?
No! I think
you'll play like
a thug
next hear the shot of a magnum slug

here is something you can't understand

how I could just kill a man

---Cypress Hill, How I could Just Kill a Man

Iraqi police collar hundreds of criminal suspects

By Paul Wiseman, USA TODAY
BAGHDAD — More than 500 criminal suspects were in jail Tuesday after Iraqi police launched the largest anti-crime offensive since the country regained sovereignty two weeks ago.
About 200 well-armed police charged into the crime-ridden Bab al-Sheikh neighborhood east of the Tigris River on Monday and arrested hundreds of suspected killers, robbers, car thieves and kidnappers in a 90-minute operation.

One suspect was killed and two wounded in a shootout in the neighborhood's narrow streets. Two police officers were injured.

Local residents cheered the raid, which was designed to break a criminal stranglehold on the neighborhood and show that the often-maligned Iraqi police can protect the public after the official end of the U.S.-led occupation.

In today's climate and given al-reuters lame-o, biased reporting styles, do you really think that the US would be able to pull this off without catching static from the world community?

I don't think so.

I mentioned it a few times, and I will repeat myself again: the Iraqis are going to be the ones to quelch this, and mainly because they can do these types of security manouevres on their own turf. The US would never be able to pull Martial Law, or round up hundreds of prisoners after Abu Ghraib.

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