Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The people who said "BLAIR AND BUSH LIED!!!!",lied

Blair meant well, intelligence probe finds

Globe and Mail Update

A British inquiry has found that Prime Minister Tony Blair's government, honestly believing that Saddam Hussein posed a threat, failed to tell the nation how "thin" the evidence against the Iraqi leader was.

Presided over by Lord Butler of Brockwell, the five-month investigation said that a dossier on Iraq that was used by the Blair government to sell the war was inaccurate but that the government was not guilty of manipulating the data to fit his agenda.

Lord Butler's report contradicted pre-war warnings from Mr. Blair that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and had the capacity to launch them within 45 minutes. Instead, the report concludes that Iraq "did not have significant, if any, stocks of chemical or biological weapons in a state fit for deployment or developed plans for using them."

Mr. Blair told parliamentarians that his government is willing to "accept" the criticisms contained in the report. But he took obvious solace in Lord Butler's conclusion that he had not tampered with the evidence.

Hilarious. Anyone ready for their retractions? BBC? Guardian? Didn't think so. There goes their credibility.

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