Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Call in the Mullahs! The Canadian Ambassador has been recalled!

Does anyone in Iran really care that we have recalled our ambassador?

Canada recalls ambassador from Iran

Last Updated Wed, 14 Jul 2004 14:33:10
OTTAWA - Canada is recalling its ambassador from Iran. The move is a protest because Iran won't allow a Canadian observer at a trial of the person accused of killing Zahra Kazemi, a photojournalist from Montreal.

Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham calls Iran's decision "unacceptable by any international standards." Graham says he will take the matter to the International Court of Justice.

Why does Canada even have diplomatic relations with the Nazis of our times? We must know they are openly planning the holocaust of Israel as speak, but that's not why we pulled our man in Tehran.

Nope: we weren't allowed at the Kazemi trial.

Which is as good a reason as any, but I am genuinely surprised that after all the things Iran has done this is what pushed us 'over the edge'.

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