Wednesday, July 14, 2004

David Anderson & Offshore Oil?

I have been noticing something of interest: the media has begun to refer to David Anderson, the environment minister as the Outgoing Environment Minister. I cannot find anything supporting this contention, and it is coming up innocently without explanation in all manners of publications...

Here is an example. This is from the Jasper Booster:

Environment minister keeps his seat

David Anderson, the former minister of environment, also responsible for Parks Canada, narrowly won his seat during the election. This leaves the possibility that he will return as minister once again.

That is ambiguous I suppose, since it states he may retain his position, but look at this from the G & M:

Outgoing Environment Minister David Anderson, B.C.'s political minister, experienced one of the sharpest declines.

I know these are just quotes, but I am hearing a lot of chatter about Anderson's position. He is a former Chretienite, and was one of the first high profile ministers to nix any mention of Martin on the campaign material he was using. Martin is looking to clean house and I think Anderson might be one of the first to go.

This is a key first step to getting offshore oil approved. Anderson has proved he is intending to keep northern BC dependent on the federal government by blocking development of the north. He has rejected all scientific studies that prove that the risk of offshore oil is minimal, and discounts the economic benefits of the project. Also, it should be mentioned that David Anderson is a full on moron to the n-th degree, and is just about the biggest ego on planet earth. I hope he can learn some humility. Also, a little birdie told me that when he was a professor he had everyone, including his wife, call him "professor".

Is it possible to be such smug jackass and a dork?

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