Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Pay for Health Care

The health care system is unsustainable, a study that comes out immediately following the election finds. How timely. I wonder who commissioned this? Priming the electorate for policy change, are we?

Study recommends health premiums, breaks for health lifestyle choices

Canadian Press

OTTAWA (CP) - Canadians should be required to pay for health care in proportion to how much they use the system with tax breaks for good lifestyle choices, says a new study by a former NDP finance minister from Saskatchewan.

Medicare is unsustainable with current arrangements because costs are rising faster than revenues, sucking resources from other vital areas like education, says the study by the Institute for Research on Public Policy.

Author Janice MacKinnon recommends extra revenue be raised through an annual health premium that would vary depending on a person's income and usage of medical services, with an exemption for those on low incomes.

As long as the federal government stays out of this, i would be okay with this arrangement. The feds would turn this into a mess, like they do everything.

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