Sunday, June 13, 2004

Toronto Star: Voters are stupid and illogical, captain.

Fact one: In almost every way, Canada is better shape these days than at any time during the near half-century since the heady, mid-1960s years of Expo and the Centennial.
Fact two: The Liberal government, which was in power while this transformation from our querulous, self-doubting state of the early '90s was taking place, and that therefore has to have in some way contributed to these accomplishments (at the very least it didn't get in the way of their happening), is about to get heaved out of office.

Fact three. The incoming government — all but certainly so — of the new Conservatives led by Stephen Harper is completely unknown to Canadians and, to the extent that it actually was known in its former guises as the Reform and Alliance parties, was overwhelmingly rejected by voters in three successive elections. Indeed, a majority victory by Harper is now entirely possible.

Fact four. Connecting those three dots and then detecting in the resulting configuration some coherent pattern, like the political equivalent of a Rorschach blob, is very, very, very, difficult.

Conventional explanations — for instance, that Paul Martin has run a horribly inept campaign — are not so much wrong as glaringly inadequate.

We may be into a new form of postmodern politics in which the old rules of narrative and of cause and effect, and of logic, are all irrelevant.

that's hilarious. the star can't figure it out from toronto why liberals are so hated...i'm not going to explain it again, but it does tell you what the star thinks of the group intelligence of a nation. more and more evidence shows the brilliance of group decision making, and because one hack in the centre of the universe (toronto) doesn't comprehend, the rules of 'cause and effect' no longer apply.

what a eastern jackass. people are tired of the liberals, tired of the left wing press, tired of waste, tired of arrogance. throw the bums out. please.

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