Sunday, June 13, 2004

EKOS, etc

Here's the latest EKOS poll

ok, the cons are winning 34-30 over the libs...a few key things to note from this poll:

1. Conservative voters are the least likely to change their mind about voting for the cons (77% were considered 'not likely' to change their mind vs 60%overall)

2. The cons are the most likely to vote by a margin of 74% being (absolutely certain) vs 68% everyone else.

3. even more importantly, the cons are heavily weighted in the older set. in the 45-64 yr old set they beat the libs 38-29, and in the +65 set they beat them 43-34!!

what does that mean? it means that the cons are the most likely to get their butts to the voting booth, and they are most likely to vote conservative... young people never vote, and i think in polling they should really be discounted because of their weak voting numbers. (i'm young/i can say this).

anyways, this may be why elections canada ....(not one to be unbiased) is pulling out all the stops to entice young voters.

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