Monday, June 14, 2004

Subliminal Manipulation by the Liberals

more conniving then i thought...this is from bourque

More bovine by-product hit the air re-distributor last night when Bourque reader Paul Albers revealed that David Herle's God-awful new Lib attack ad features "a subliminal message that the gun pointed at the viewer has been fired". Our source, who reports that "a single frame showing a bright flash" appears between "the view of the gun and the view of the smokestacks", wonders if "this kind of trick isn't against the law" in Canada, as it is in the USA. "Pierre". our source admonishes, "Canadians are being subconsciously manipulated and it needs to be reported." Indeed, another Bourque source remembers "drafting the CAB's positive response to the CRTC's proposal to ban such advertising that subsequently became a regulation."

lower and lower.

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