Monday, June 14, 2004

The French Debate

this is interesting.... norm spector said yesterday that layton has been telling quebec in french that quebec is a nation and that they have special rights, etc, while saying nothing of the sort to english canada. hmmm, we'll see if the leaders can put him on the spot tonight.

he also said that a minority govt would probably put the bloc back in the driver's seat for a new referendum on seperating since they will probably win 60 seats or so in quebec.

my first reaction is: let them. let quebec seperate with their share of the national debt, no defence protection, no subsidies and let quebec carry its own load for a while. after a bit, they will fall apart without english canada, and will join back up as a stronger unit of canada. maybe. one way or another, i like that we are one big nation, but if quebec is so gung ho on being a seperate nation, i say good riddance. we might actually function a whole lot better without them, who knows? but who are we to keep the malcontents within confederation when they are stupid enough to follow their assinine leaders who blatantly lie to quebec about how they can "milk" canada for all its worth and then leave.

i'll put it this way: it would suck to seperate, but i'm not going to shed too many tears. quebec is about as far apart from bc as afghanistan from where we stand. bc doesn't relate to uptight, subsidy-dependent, needlessly whiney types, who believe they are from a mystical "pure race" of quebecois. racist, fascist, little ideology they have....and bourassa said so himself....right before he joined their little party.

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