Saturday, June 05, 2004

Toronto Star: Desperate Propaganda

check out this headline:

Harper a radical in true sense of the word

oh boy, and this isn't even a comment's a choice section:

And most Canadians, including a goodly number who say they plan to vote for him, have no idea who he is or what he stands for.

there ya go. people are dumb and those who vote for him? idiots as well. no problem here, right?

Harper is not extreme. His views on gay marriage, for instance, aren't that much different from those expressed by Martin — although the Liberals so far have been much more loath to override the courts.

But Harper is a radical, in the true sense of the word: He would make changes that cut to the root of the system.

Those who find his platform virtually identical to that of the Liberals just haven't been paying attention.

For the most part, Harper's radicalism has been directed at diminishing the role of the federal government in areas of social policy, which he sees as more properly belonging in the provincial sphere.

well put. he's not extreme, but he's a radical. extremely radical? for sure, but not an extremist. well, deary me, all those ruffians from the countryside who don't have torontonian sensibilities just don't know who are what they are voting for... and to think, he agrees with universal health care and doesn't care who provides it (gov or private sector) as long as canadians get good quality service without waiting times.

radical! how insane! how can they vote for this person who thinks who isn't so bound by ideology that he can see possibilities outside of tommy douglas' narrow view of 'healthcare'.

but then, i don't believe that the liberals were ever original (their best ideas were ripped off the reform party) or real leaders (unless you count 'leadership by polling').

good luck with the propaganda campaign, torstar!

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