Sunday, June 06, 2004

Harper's Campaign Stumbles

i don't want to seem like a downer, but harper's had some pretty serious trouble over the last few days in regards to social conservatism, violent supporters, Carrol Gallant stating borderline retarded phrases.....and now this

Harper's press secretary slaps Canadian Press photographer, tells him to 'shut up'

Anger boiled over on the Stephen Harper campaign this week when press secretary Carolyn Stewart-Olsen told a Canadian Press photographer to "shut up" and gave him two gentle slaps on the face, saying she was not happy with the pictures he has been taking. Sources say Harper campaign officials are furious with CP photographer Jonathan Hayward over several unflattering photographs he has taken in the past few days, including one that captured the Conservative leader eating a chicken wing. Tensions worsened when Ms. Stewart-Olsen interrupted a shot Mr. Hayward was about to take on Thursday at the Hamilton Airport.

When he told her she had obstructed his photo, sources say she walked over to him, slapped him twice lightly on the face and told him to "shut up." Mr. Hayward declined to discuss the altercation, saying only that he was not hurt.

way to keep your cool.

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