Thursday, February 12, 2004

Paul Martin: I did Nothing, I saw Nothing, I am Not Responsible.

As much as he tries to disassociate himself from the previous administration, he has to confront one thing. He was the right hand man in the previous administration, which curiously still has many of the same players.

He is the previous administration.

what kind of mental gymnastics do you need to go through to come to this rationale, that you have no responsibility for what went on? it was a determined group of 12 or 14 individuals?

under whose authority?
why aren't they fired yet?
why didn't you know?
doesn't this show your own incompetence?

meanwhile, other Fraser is showing that Martin knew back in 2000. so this raises more questions, none of which will comfort the liberals?

if you knew then, why wasn't action taken?
why are you still in office?
why didn't you inform the public?
why are you lying now?

A boatload of trouble. and apparently the voters are not happy. where are the polls, by the way? the US gets polled on what they ate for a snack every 2 minutes, so ipsos-reid? environics? please poll us.

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