Tuesday, February 10, 2004

belinda's picking up support out east: good work

she's getting endorsements from just about everyone on the east coast. i find this puzzling to a degree. maybe the red tories out east see her as the closest thing in the party to a centrist...which would be an accurate description at this point....

meanwhile, in the tony the tiger camp:

Clement plan: No tax for young

hmmm, i'm listening:

Young Canadians would not pay a cent of tax until their lifetime income reaches $250,000 under a "radical" overhaul of the income tax system to be proposed today by Tony Clement, the Conservative leadership candidate.

Mr. Clement said yesterday he would make the system flatter and simpler. For those who have earned a quarter-million dollars, tax rates would be based on their accumulated lifetime income rather than on how much they took in during a given 12 months.


interesting for a couple of reasons.
1) this is a solution to a problem that is for students and their bigtime student loans
2) its a solution that is not politically viable for the NDP, a perennial student favourite
3) its a market solution to a social problem

so....entice the youth vote away from the ndp to some degree, and steal some of the ndp's student thunder.

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