Monday, February 16, 2004

Martin, The Cons and the boondoggle:

Martin says he's putting his job on the line for the country and his reputation, but really isn't the damage already done? if he was serious about the integrity of his office wouldn't he have already stepped down or called an election?

anyways, the tip of iceberg has been exposed, the press corps is hungry, the opposition willing and there is a mountain of evidence of further wrongdoing.

i expect a long line of further 'revelations' to come to the forefront, all the way until the next election. this is a scandal through and through and only alphie has been axed.

And while the Toronto Star publishes editorial after editorial about how the PM can really use this opportunity to start anew (to put it one way, i suppose), their reporters can't resist the dogpile (which is a good thing)..

1 Billion Dollar Scandal? How many can their be?......gun registry, hrdc, etc...

Anyways, the polls are looking better for the Cons:

A honeymoon-ending poll, conducted immediately after the release of Auditor-General Sheila Fraser's report, shows the new government dropped nine percentage points this month, down to 39 per cent of decided voters, from 48 per cent in January.

"Outside of an election period, I've never seen numbers move like this," said Darrell Bricker, president of the polling firm, Ipsos-Reid.

"This one is like a wildfire. It's out of control and everything the Prime Minister has done at this point has just blown the flames higher."

Another drop of five to six percentage points would put the government's majority in danger if an election were held this spring, he said. The once-unchallenged view that the Liberals would easily coast to another election majority now appears less than certain.

While the Grits were dropping, both the Conservative Party and the New Democrats were benefiting. The Conservatives saw their support jump to 24 per cent, from 19 per cent, while the NDP nudged upward by two percentage points to 18 per cent.

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