Wednesday, July 16, 2003

White Stripes
its interesting that the tragically hip and the white stripes live in relatively close proximity, (TO/kingston/Detroit) are both white boy, old school blues bands and seem to have a certain affinity for cocaine.

just an observation.

anyways, the white stripes have a great little page here. and warren kinsella offers his opinion of Jack White's little escapade on his 28th birthday. ....completely leaving out the fact that jack made it to 28 rather than dying like cobain, hendrix, joplin, morrison..nme takes note

warren's a little pissed that jack is dating a movie star. yeah, jack seems a little too real to be with botox face zellwegger (i don't care about spelling it right).....but its his life, and maybe she's a good girl... but then...

warren takes a cheap shot at actors who cross over to music. hmmm. weeelll...i can think of a few musicians who made it across the great divide.....(not all of them are great actors..but) madonna, will smith, snoop dogg, dmx, LL cool j, ice cube...etc..

i guess crossover types aren't good warren? like when political strategists try to be music commentators?

see i don't care, i think crossover artists can bring a totally different perspective to any game...same as crossover music from one genre to another, or a blending. this can only a be a good thing....and warren is no exception. is it interesting to hear a specialist in one area, try there hand in another? of course.....i'm not sure why warren would want to comment on this, but hey!

i think he was trying to point out that keanu, Reeves, Billy Bob Thornton and Bruce Willis have exceptionally weak bands..(he leaves out russell crowe..although russell wrote songs with chrissie knows. he's got street cred with her).....i have personally heard none of these bands.

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