Wednesday, July 16, 2003

No Logo? More like No Sense.
Once more, an east coast elitist leftist has decided to weigh in on the situation on the west coast. Naomi Klein, never lets national success get in the way of good, senseless rant.

Ms. Klein, showing she has approximately zero local knowledge of the west coast offers this gem of a comment in her latest tirade against the Vancouver 2010 olympics (still bitter about T.O. losing? Thought so):

According to Taiaiake Alfred, director of the Indigenous Governance Program at the University of Victoria, “tourism can be as disruptive as logging or mining.”

so, a political scientist specializing in Native government is now an authority on the Environment? Thanks Naomi. Also:

For all these reasons, ski resorts have become one of the most explosive political issues in British Columbia.

Actually, for those in the T.O. intelligentsia, this is a pretty dead issue. This hasn't made headlines since the dispute in Sun Peaks a few years ago. You know why? Because even Naomi states:

No surprise then that the bid committee liked to start its sales pitches with a traditional First Nations blessing. Look forward to many more such displays of cultural sensitivity, culminating in the sound of drums and the smell of sweet grass at over-the-top Olympic opening and closing ceremonies (think Sydney and Salt Lake City). But don’t confuse these ceremonial blessings with genuine political consent.

So ms. klein quotes a few grumpy dissenters to the 2010 games, none of whom are native leaders and claims that unless these few are onboard, the games won't really have the consent of the native leaders.


The only people these games won't please are ideological, bitter hacks from Toronto. And guess what? the west coast doesn't give a rats' ass about Naomi Klein's opinion of the games. The west coast knows that the games are going to put us back on the map, generate massive income for rich and poor alike and give vancouver a chance to shine.

Piss on someone elses' parade. And stick to Marketing critique. Klein slides into indigineous rights issues in a lot of her writing, but can't seem to make a coherent argument when she lacks stats, or even a credible critic to quote.


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