Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Letter to the Observer

here is the original, dispicable article i was referring to.


Having read a recent article by the discredited George Galloway in your sister publication, the Guardian, I cannot say I was shocked at the Observer, printing an article by Richard Ingrams, in the Sunday, July 13, 2003 edition.

In reference to a recent article by Barbara Amiel, Mr. Ingrams does not bother concealing his contempt for Jewish people as he states the clearly ad hominem attack "[Readers] might have been less impressed if the paper had told them that Barbara Amiel is not only Jewish". This statement should immediately disqualify Mr. Ingrams from serious discussion on bias and from publication in a major newspaper. He makes no effort to discredit her argument, just her race.

But I do not expect to be taken seriously by Mr. Ingram because my name is Irish, and I have an interest in seeing bigotry fade away. Should I have started the letter with that disclaimer?

Patrick McClarty
Vancouver, British Columbia

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