Tuesday, July 15, 2003

George Galloway: Still a Discredited Traitor
So some documents were forged..in relation to galloway being an iraqi PR mercenary..but some weren't. this guy took money from saddam and there is good evidence of it.

Now he has the balls (and the guardian has the lack of judgement) to write an article about how the US/UK have lost the war. hmm, doesn't sound like a paid apologist to me.

Still taking money, george? i know they haven't found saddam yet.

here's a random quote:

I predicted before the war that Iraq would be the political death of Tony Blair, and it is now almost Shakespearean how the pain from his self-inflicted wounds is written across his face. It is as if he is physically diminishing before our eyes as his authority bleeds into the sands of Iraq.

and george, just what is your 'authority' on the iraqi situation? insider knowledge, i presume? hmmm...

So hot is the welcome to these "liberators" that the US has now evacuated its forces from both the vast campus of Baghdad University and from the hub of the sharpest armed action, in Fallujah.

Yes, its not sign of respect, or an attempt to keep civilian casualties low...its somehow cynical that the US should do this..imagine the nerve!.......and i guess george doesn't think liberation from saddam is a good thing...their "liberators" from what?-george asks.....liberated from the saddamite utopia?

Throughout the Calvary of Vietnam, resistance was routinely described as coming from unrepresentative "hardline elements" or outside the country's borders. The deeper Johnson and Nixon sank into the quagmire, the more they spread the war, to neighbouring Cambodia and new killing fields.

yep, a short successful war, with limited casualties is "vietnam" and of course, a quagmire. wow, why don't you trot out some more innaccurate, boring cliches...don't you even edit this crap? and the killing fields in cambodia were from the khmer rouge, you lying sack of shit. you know? the khmer rouge? your partners in crime? the champaigne communists, like yourself, who'd sooner see everyone killed then be "liberated".

the liar continues:

Iraqis want Britain and America out of their country, that much is abundantly clear. Only independently supervised elections to a constituent assembly can produce Iraqi leaders fit to face the outside world and rebuild their country.

well, george...i guess when you are paid to lie for saddam, it doesn't pay to see facts. every opinion poll, despite your hopes and dreams shows that the iraqis overwhelming want the US to stay for a while. that's okay, keep your head in the sand, ole boy.

Mr Blair will soon exit the political stage; it would be better t'were done quickly.

Hmm, i have a feeling you'll be be exiting first. just a feeling. ya turncoat.

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