Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Iraq, Troop morale, etc.
Check out the expression on this soldier's face. if anybody's face could tell a story, its this one.

This is serious and grim, is what it says.

Hadithah sits on the main road to Syria and lies within the so-called "Sunni Triangle" that stretches to the west and north of Baghdad, where pro-Saddam Hussein insurgents have routinely attacked U.S. soldiers.

The continuing and increasingly sophisticated assaults have taken a heavy toll on morale of U.S. forces patrolling the region, especially among soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division who recently learned their departure from the country had been put off indefinitely.


iraq is not a mess, and i don't think it will be, but this short term pain they are going through over there is tough. they really have to take out the rebel leaders and clean up as best they can.

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