Tuesday, July 08, 2008

McCain's New Gag: Kill The Iranians

The hillsides ring with free the people
Or can I hear the echo from the days of 39?
With trenches full of poets
The ragged army, fixin bayonets to fight the other line
--The Clash
What a tool this guy can be:
McCain's Latest Iran Joke
By Michael D. Shear
Sen. John McCain hasn't had good luck joking about Iran. But he tried it again Tuesday.

Responding to a question about a survey that shows increased exports to
Iran, mainly from cigarettes, McCain said, "Maybe thats a way of killing them."

He quickly caught himself, saying "I meant that as a joke" as his wife, Cindy, poked him in the back.
There's a bunch of things that are just awesome about McCain, but blatant disregard for human life is not one of them. This is base racism at its worst- he's talking (ok, joking - %$^ing hilarious) about killing (!) Iranians through cancer. Iranians. Yes, this is the attitude that is permissive of genocide.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time he's discussed this type of BS:
Last time, it was also Iran. His singing about bombing Iran to the theme of the Beach Boy' "Barbara Ann" drew derision from many quarters but a "lighten up" response from McCain.
Yeah, lighten up...it's not like he said he was going to kill you, right? Just those other people, you probably won't miss them anyways, right?

Yep. He's a sensitive soul:

John McCain's racist remark very troubling

Thursday, March 2, 2000


On his campaign bus recently, Sen. John McCain told reporters, "I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live."

It is alarming because a major candidate for president publicly used a racial epithet, refused to apologize for doing so and remains a legitimate contender.

Disturbing. Yes. So is this little exchange:

And this:

And this:

And this:

Can anyone honestly say that McCain won't attempt to leverage Obama's skin colour in this campaign? By the end, we will be inundated by slurs left right and centre by the McCain campaign, and probably all in the crunch time after the US' labour day.

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