Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Jay's got a good suggestion

Readin my rights and shit,
It's all junk
Pullin out a silly club,
So you stand
With a fake assed badge
And a gun in your hand
Jardine has a suggestion:

I've got an even better suggestion for the Winnipeg Police

How about a web page that has the full names, photographs and badge numbers of all police officers charged with misconduct? I mean, as your own Sgt. Riffel put it, "we're hoping that people make the conscious decision before they go out for the
evening - 'I'd rather not have my name in the paper tomorrow or the next day'".
Indeed, the same fear of public shaming and professional discreditation could
just as easily be put to work on cops thinking of abusing their authority! Just
thought it would help keep the average citizen informed, you know? You people
all wear the same costume and it can be hard to put a face to an allegation.

What come around go around, kid.

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